Homework for Monday 18th September (100 wc)

I am a cat. I am a cat who loves stories. My typist, Mr Mulligan, reads to me every day because I am just learning how to read. My favorite words are cat, fat, sat, hat, mat and dog. Mr Mulligan told me he needed story ideas from a cat. So I am helping him.



Choose one of the story ideas below to help you write a story about Gordo.

  1. You find a cat abandoned in a gutter in the middle of winter. You take it home and discover the cat is really a…
  2. The toaster you bought at the flea market turns your bread into kittens. Someone wants the toaster back.
  3. Driving home from the grocery store you take a wrong turn and can’t find your way home. A talking cat helps you.
  4. A human opens the front door and steps outside. The cats lock the door and won’t let them back inside.
  5. When you wake up you discover you have become a cat. You have a big presentation that evening, and you have to find out how to turn back into a human.

10 thoughts on “Homework for Monday 18th September (100 wc)”

  1. Hi, I’m Gordo, Mr. Mulligan’s cat. By the way, I am NOT fat. OK, I might be a little chubby, but NOT, definitely NOT FAT!!! Anyway, Mr. Mulligan is very strange. He even tormented me with his finger! So, while he was eating, Mr. Mulligan swung his sausages… I mean fingers, from one side to another. Here’s the thing, because I hadn’t eaten, his fingers started turning into sausages! I started dribbling so much, that I went for the kill, the sausages I mean. How cruel is that? Also, he doesn’t know when bed time is! Well, apart from tonight. Till next time, (if I can survive that long), goodbye!

  2. You wouldn’t guess what happened to me today. Anyway let me just tell you the story.

    So I was driving from the grocery store then, all of the sudden I didn’t recognise the street I was in.
    ‘ I must of taken the wrong turn! Dang it!’ I thought, not knowing what dangers could be approaching me.
    Everything suddenly turned black. A black out?! Really, at this late time? Out of the blue, I hear purring. A cat?
    “Hello, my friend.” says the cat.
    “Do I even know you?” I ask, petrified of a talking cat!
    “Ummm, no! But, I can help you” advised the cat.
    After that day on, I had a pet cat who could talk. I loved him and he loved me…


  3. Jeff walked out of his work , got into his car and drove off. Suddenly, while he was driving, he remembered that he forgot his G.P.S at work. now, came the worst part… he couldn’t remember the way back home. Jeff circled roads but always ended up in the same one. Then, unexpectedly, he heard a weird voice coming from somewhere but couldn’t see anyone so he looked out of the window and saw a big, fat cat standing in front of him.” Hi there, my name is Gordo.” said the cat. “are you REALLY a talking cat! “yes, I see you everyday when you pass and I will lead you home.” and sure enough, Gordo led Jeff home.

  4. Next day, I WAS A CAT!! I was panicking. How was I supposed to go downstairs if my parents are there? I just hoped for the best.. I went downstairs and.. (Disaster didn’t struck yet…) My parents just saw me as a cute and innocent cat. They called me GORDO?! (Then disaster STRUCK!) My mum went upstairs and saw that I WASN’T THERE!! I panicked! What do you think I should do next? Mum called dad! I thought what if I stay as a cat FOREVER!! DUN DUN DUN DUN!!

    Bye Wiktoria18

  5. hello im a cat called Tyrel and i work for my boss mr Gordo,mr Gordo is a very funny man who every day when i walk into cat’s factory he’s eating canned fish.My boss couldn’t live without fish and i’m not exaggerating, but i still like him as my boss apart from that i do other things in work like research and see the decreeing and increasing brands who do stuff we cats like, after six i come home to my wonderful family of five humans luckily i’m a speaking cat so i could communicate with them. my mum is called caro my dad is philip my sister Nevlyn and my brothers Tyrel and Micheal and that’s the day in a life of a cat

  6. One day there was a boy called Max. He had a pet cat called Gordo. It was a very lazy one.
    “Mum look! A pet contest for cats! Maybe Gordo can join in!” yelled Max in excitement.
    “Well, you know how lazy Gordo is. He isn’t even trained. Go look to check what he is doing.” complained his mum.
    “He is sleeping.” said Max
    “Well, I’m not surprised!” laughed his mum.
    After a while, Max sat down and looked at the paper. He stared at it. Something had to be done.
    “I know Gordo can do this. All I have to do is try make him want to do it, But how?” whispered Max to himself. Finally, Gordo came in.
    “Gordo! wait here!” yelled max excitedly as he went to get some equipment. Unfortunately by the time he got back, Gordo was already asleep. Max was a bit frustrated. Suddenly, Gordo was awaken by a loud noise. The door bell. It was the people who train cats. Ellie (Max’s mum) was leading the way to Gordo. She started talking to them about how lazy he was and how he didn’t want to do anything but sleep.
    “Okay ma’am. We will do our best to train this cat and make it energetic!” said the man confidently. Max ran upstairs, took a pen and signed up for the cat contest.
    “Mum I will just give this to the people who gave it to me!” yelled Max. Ellie nodded. After two hours of trying to train Gordo, he was finally able to be in the contest.
    “That was like magic. I have tried everything. Even that. I think I was doing it wrong! Thank you so much!” Thanked Ellie. At last, it was the next day. Which means it was the contest day. Gordo had to do his best. Max got ready and brought Gordo to the place.
    “Okay Gordo let’s put you over here.” said Max. There were so many big cats. Though it didn’t mean they were going to win.
    “Everyone! Listen up! The contest is now starting! Please get your cat near the first activity!” Shouted the host. There were so many activities that Gordo had completed. As time went on, the contest had come to an end.
    “We shall now pick the winners!” yelled the host.
    “Please Gordo be 1st, I beg the whole world!” begged Max in his head.
    “The cat that one the contest is…… Gordo! The cat of Max! Please come up here and I will give you your medal!” announced the host.
    “GORDO YOU WON! Okay, now I should go up there and collect our prize and go home!” explained Max in excitement. Finally Max got home.
    “Mum! Gordo won! Gordo won!” He yelled.
    “Really! Oh well done!” said Ellie. Max ran upstairs and put the medal on his shelf. It was going to be there for ever. It would also be remembered. Gordo the winner.

  7. My name is Sky, I’m a teacher at Enfield school. I was working on my presentation for the parent’s evening the next day, I was so tired and ate my cat food by accident I was feeling sick but I put it down as ‘stress’.
    The next day I woke up and I found myself smaller than my pillow which is weird, I went to see in the mirror and I was scared. I was my cat, my belly was enormous and my eyes was huge. I start to panic and confused . ‘What am I going to do about my presentation for school?’ I guess I have to go and have my special milk which will turn me back into a human.

  8. One winter day, I was coming back from my mum’s house, and found a ginger cat, laying on the ground half dead and half alive. Slowly, I picked it up and checked it’s collar (Gordo) it said. On the journey home, it was a bit weird because Gordo didn’t really make any noise so I was a bit worried when we got home. I gave him food but he didn’t want it. This was getting very weird because he was still in the same position as I found him. Petrified, I got a pen and poked him. That time, I found out that he was…a stuffed animal…

  9. It was a warm and beautiful evening. As Emma was coming back home, the sky turned a magnificent shade of orange. Emma walked into her house and went up to her room. As she opened the door carefully, she heard a faint meowing. She looked on her bed and there, sitting proudly, was Gordo. But something had changed about him. His fur was standing up and there was deep fear in his eyes. Emma walked up to him and sat down. They stared in each others eyes for a moment until a loud knock was heard on the door and nanny walked in with two adorable kittens in her hands!

  10. “Aha!!”bellowed Lester as he saw small kittens come out of his toaster. It was just past seven o’clock and he woke up. Incase it was a dream ,he pinched himself. It wasn’t. He couldn’t belive that a ordinary toaster he bought from the flea market did something like this.

    Lester left the kittens at home and went to the flea market like every day. He walked pased the women he got the toaster from. She told him that he needs to give the toaster back to her. He did but it was a diffrent one. Nobody knew about it exept him…

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